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A formidable opponent for fishermen and an easy-to-raise source of food, the dominion of the Rainbow Trout has spread to every continent except Antarctica, explains Anders Halverson, author of An Entirely Synthetic Fish.


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The ecology of our rivers, streams, and lakes. An Environmental Outlook on the unintended consequences of stocking the nation's inland waters with hatchery-bred fish and a look at the invasive species threatening the Great Lakes.


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Rivers full of rainbows

In the US, a hundred million rainbow trout are released into lakes and rivers every year. And the Sierra Nevada region in California is no exception.

According to Anders Halverson, author of An Entirely Synthetic Fish - a book all about the rainbow trout - it’s the perfect place to fish. But what was once seen as progress and a joy for anglers also comes with an environmental cost.

Many now are on a mission to reduce the numbers of the rainbow trout and restore the destroyed ecosystems. Anders spills the beans on the gift that went awry.


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Over a century ago, the U.S. government became concerned that American men were becoming less virile. So streams, rivers and lakes were populated with "an entirely 'synthetic' fish" to help Americans rediscover their abilities to capture and kill. These creatures are still being produced and distributed on a massive scale. Award-winning journalist, aquatic ecologist and lifelong fisherman Anders Halverson will discuss the history of the rainbow trout.



Conservation in Action Series: An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World



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"An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America & Overran the World," with Anders Halverson. Presented by the Wilderness Institute of the University of Montana. 2012 Theme: Wild Waters of the West.



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Anders Halverson has done an exhaustive study of the origin of the rainbow trout, it's history and how it has been stocked throughout the world. Listen in to learn about this fish we love so dearly.


Written interview

Anders Halverson is the author of An Entirely Synthetic Fish — a National Outdoor Book Award Winner and a riveting book about the spread of rainbow trout across the country, often at the expense of native species.

On a recent book tour, Halverson spoke to several groups of CalTrout members, and graciously gave up some of his time for this interesting, wide-ranging interview for CalTrout’s The Streamkeeper’s Log.


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From the Itinerant Angler: "Dr. Anders Halverson is the author of the new book, "An Entirely Synthetic Fish," which is a killer read about the rise and mass promulgation of the rainbow trout worldwide. How did a fish we put so much value on come to be so widespread, and does it really deserve the credit we give it?"


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Trout Unlimited's President and CEO, Chris Wood, interviews Anders Halverson about his book, "An Entirely Synthetic Fish - How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World." Anders talks to Chris about fish stocking and what it means for the future of America's rich sporting history.